Bonne Rentrée: 2019

Today I just wanted to share a quick beginning of the year post.  The chronological nature of a blog can make it difficult for new readers to find helpful posts. So, as I did last year, I’ve created this list of links to past posts that included complete unit plans.  Keep in mind that these units were not all created or taught in one year. I switch things up based on the curriculum of my current school and the interests of my students. In addition, each post reflects where I was on my journey toward proficiency at the time I wrote it.  I have continued to evolve, and you will no doubt improve upon the plans that you find here!

Bonne rentrée à tous!

French 1 Units

Bienvenue à la classe de Français:

Bienvenue: Partie II:

Ce que j’aime:  

La Famille:

Bon Appétit pt. 1: (petit déjeuner)

Bon Appétit pt. 2:

Bon Appétit pt. 3:


French 2 Units

Les Loisirs:

Ma Journée Typique:


Mon Look:

C’est quoi, une maison idéale?:

Les Tâches Ménagères:

Joyeux Noel:

Allons en Martinique:

Les Châteaux (pt. 1)

Les Châteaux (pt. 2)

Une journée à l’école:

French 3 Units

Bon Appétit:


Les Vacances:

Les Campeurs (Petit Nicolas)

Les Animaux de Compagnie:

Les Impressionnistes:

Le Jour de la Terre:

Le Gaspillage Alimentaire:

Joyeux Noël:

Ma Bonne Resolution (La Santé) :

La Préhistoire:

Je t’aime:

Je quitte la maison (Petit Nicolas):

French 4/5 Units

Cultural Stereotypes:

La Famille dans le Monde Francophone:

Communication et Media:

Le Droit a l’Education:

Les Droits des Femmes:

La Laïcité:

Le Petit Prince:

L’Immigration: Click here for the agenda of a more recent version of this unit.

Mixed Levels

First week of school:


13 thoughts on “Bonne Rentrée: 2019

  1. Hillary Carpinella

    I have been using your IPAs as a base for my teaching the past couple years. I cannot access the Libération articles on immigration. Do you happen to have those as PDFs?

  2. pai rosenthal

    I so appreciate your generosity and have been pulling from your IPAs and ideas for the past couple of years! Looking at your beginning of the year unit for level 1, I have a question. You refer to the “Unit 1 packet.” Do you give them the entire packet at once or is it handed out piecemeal as you go along or individual papers put at different stations as students access them?
    Merci infiment!

    1. madameshepard Post author

      I think I gave them the whole packet but kept them in the classroom so they wouldn’t get lost or forgotten.

      1. pai

        Thanks so much for the reply! I know it’s a busy time. I have some super motivated students who would likely do all the activities possible at home ahead of time and I’d be scrambling to find something meaningful for them to do in class.

        1. madameshepard Post author

          Wow, your kids are really motivated! I think a lot of mine would have been tempted to find ways of filling in responses that didn’t require them to read, listen and/or create with the language.

  3. Kim

    A huge THANK YOU!! I switched from lower school Spanish to MS & HS French (5 preps) this year.😰 Your resources will help me keep my sanity!!😄

  4. Laura

    I would also like to thank you and say how much I appreciate your generosity. Your materials will be so helpful in my multi-level classroom and will enhance the quality of instruction and learning.

  5. Ellen

    I was wondering if you had the Oral and written Rubric you spoke about in LA FAMILLE presentation AP?
    Also the email example is missing. I’d love to see it.
    Thanks very much!

  6. Eric

    Hi Lisa- It was such a pleasure learning with you during your session at MaFLA this year (yesterday!). I continue processing the posts in your blog even after having the amazing experience of spending five hours working with you. The material you create is of such high quality. Have you ever considered making a fully interactive website, in the style of I think they are creating something that will quickly become the future of language teaching materials – online, constantly updated, overflowing with authentic resources, community-oriented and interactive for teachers. They are currently building French lesson pages. It would be a dream come true if you all combined your forces. I don’t mean to criticize the blog format, but I got quite used to adiostextbook over the last two years, and I must say that the “one-stop shopping” nature of it is very appealing. I’m sure plenty of teachers (or their districts) would gladly pay a monthly subscription for that kind of site. Just some food for thought. I hope I’m not overstepping with this suggestion. Merci encore!


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