World Language Teacher Summit

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been selected to present at this year’s World Language Teacher Summit! When I “attended” (it’s an online conference so I never had to leave the couch) last year, I never imagined I’d be submitting a video of my own this year. If you’re interested in seeing my video, “Engaging Students in the Interpretive Mode” or any of the videos submitted by these fantastic language teachers, click here for your free registration. (Note: This is an affiliate link and if you purchase anything I might receive a commission.)

4 thoughts on “World Language Teacher Summit

  1. Barb Millken

    You deserve more than a commision!! I purchsed the sessions and the guide. I will continue to use them for refreshers, learning and to mentor new teachers who join our department! Awesome learning vehicle!

  2. Martha Behlow

    Lisa, I would like to contact you about having you come to our school district in Geneva, Illinois next fall to present to our world language teachers. Can you contact me about your prices, topics, etc. We are particularly interested in IPAs and proficiency based education.
    Martha Behlow


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