Integrating Culture Across the Modes: A Noël Unit for Intermediate Low French Students


Christmas decorations

I’m taking just a few minutes for a quick share tonight.  In an earlier post, I shared some activities that I developed to integrate culture in all of the communicative modes with my Novice Mid students.  In this evening;s post I’m including a few lessons I created to do the same with my Intermediate Low/French 3 students.   Click here for a packet of activities and keep reading for a short explanation of each lesson.

Lesson 1: In this lesson I played a short video to introduce the tradition of the yule log cake.  I then assigned partners and gave each member of the dyad a different article.  The students read their articles and filled in the information they could find in the packet.  Then they discussed their information with their partner, who had read the opposite article.  Although I intended for the pairs to fill out a Venn diagram as described in the packet, due to time constraints the students just discussed their information and filled in the missing information for the questions in the packet.  This worked out well, as they did a Venn diagram in the next lesson.  Although I didn’t end up assigning the Presentational Activity, I had originally considered adding it, based on timing.

Lesson 2: In this lesson, one partner watched a video about Christmas tree traditions and the other listened to a video on the same topic.  They then discussed the information they found and completed a Venn diagram comparing the information in each source. As in Lesson 1, time didn’t permit me to assign the Presentational activities.

Lesson 3: As in Lesson 2, half of the students read an article while the other half listened to a video.  I was consistent in assigning A/B roles, so that the students who listened in Lesson 2 did the reading in Lesson 3 and vice versa. After the interpretation phase of the lesson, the students discussed their information and took a pair “quiz.”

Although these activities were challenging, the students remained engaged throughout the three class periods I dedicated to these cultural lessons.  Following the third lesson, I introduced the same story project that I described in this post from last year. I did, however, add an interpersonal communication task to the IPA/Learning Stations in which the students used circumlocution to complete these pair crossword puzzles (Partner A, Partner B). My students love these pair crossword puzzles and they were a very effective way to review aspects of French holiday traditions that the students had learned in past years.

8 thoughts on “Integrating Culture Across the Modes: A Noël Unit for Intermediate Low French Students

  1. Sarah Sidell

    Bonjour! C’est incroyable votre travail! Do you have a copy of the article used in lesson two? The webpage that is linked no longer exists. Merci!

      1. NATHALIE

        I used this website :

        And fixed up a few questions.
        Partner A: Read this article and fill in the missing information.

        1. When did the tree become a pagan ritual
        2. What did the spruce tree celebrate
        3. How they decorated it in 1520.
        4. What the star on the tree represents
        5. Who gave a tree to his children to represent God’s marvels
        6. When lighted trees first appeared
        7. How were the first trees lit
        8. When the first tree at Versailles was
        11. The person who had it put up
        12. When did the first tree get introduced in Great Britain, the United States and Canada
        13. Where does Canada export most of its trees
        14. How much money do trees bring to Canada
        15. How many trees were cut in 2013

        What do you think?

        Also the Santa Claus story is called pere noel et le bebe

          1. Kathryn Zetts


            I would like the edpuzzle, if you don’t mind sharing it (not sure how…google docs maybe?). Merci beaucoup!

  2. Kathryn Zetts

    Hi, The first link listed in section B of Lecon 1 no longer links to an article about “la buche de Noel” (it is about decorating Christmas trees –unless of course it is only my computer that is doing wacko things……). Here is another article (about La buche de Noel) that could work

    It’s not as difficult as the other article listed for that section, but at least there are 2 different articles to compare/contrast.


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