Ready-Made Mini-Units for Novices

Based on the comments I’ve seen on the French Teachers in the US Facebook page, #langchat, etc. I know that the work of teaching via distance, hybrid, in-person-but- socially-distanced-learning has not gotten any easier since the school year began. While I wish I could do more to help my colleagues that are doing the real work of teaching, I have spent some time creating a few more lessons that can be used regardless of the version of pandemic teaching that your school district has devised. Since my previous work was geared toward the Intermediates, I’ve decided to focus on the Novices for a while.

Each of the mini-units below incorporates a series of activities related to a Trotro video as well as additional activities using authentic texts on the same topic. A short lesson on a relevant grammatical concept is also included. The resources include a Google Slides presentation to which the activities are linked, keys, and rubrics. Everything is editable so you can modify for your students. Here are the mini-units I’ve created so far:

Click here for link.
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As always, I’m grateful for your feedback on these resources!

2 thoughts on “Ready-Made Mini-Units for Novices

  1. Polly Henshaw

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for doing these.
    I’ve used the Lou episode 1 for my intermediate students and they loved it.
    I’ve bought episode 2 as well.
    They would love to do the impressionist unit but I don’t know how to do the pair work exercise matching paintings do you know the one I’m talking about.. in a hybrid classroom.
    Lastly, I don’t start with my level 1 class for another 3 weeks. Are any of these units ok to start with for Unit 1?
    thanks for everything you do! Polly

    1. madameshepard Post author

      I’m so glad your students liked the unit! It was so strange to create materials for students that I don’t get to teach! Unfortunately, I don’t think the novice units would be appropriate for beginners. I think they’ll work better for 2nd semester French 1 or French 2. As for the paintings, can you do Zoom breakout rooms? You could share the A paper with half of the students and the B with the other half and then match them up. You could even put four kids in a breakout room (2 As and 2Bs) to cut down on the number of rooms you had to oversee. Each student wouldn’t get quite as much talking time but it would be better than nothing. I know that some teachers can’t use breakout rooms, though. Maybe someone else will have an idea? Thanks so much for your comments!


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