Lou! A 9-Week Curriculum for Intermediate French Students

Based on the encouragement of my readers, I have spent the last month continuing my work creating mini-units based on the Lou! cartoon series. I have now posted mini-units for the first 9 episodes as well as a bundle that includes all 9 episodes at a discounted price. It is my intention that these 9 mini-units could provide a stand-alone first quarter curriculum for Intermediate students (Level 3+) regardless of whether they are attending class face-to-face, in a hybrid situation or entirely via distance learning. Because of the focus on communicative tasks and authentic resources, these units are also appropriate supplements for AP or IB classes.

Since I am so new to creating resources that I am not actually using with my own students, I would be very grateful for feedback from any of you that have used the mini-units. I have no doubt that you are finding typos and other errors (which is why I have provided editable documents) and I would love to correct those. It would also be helpful for me to know which activities you are finding useful and which do not meet your needs so that I can focus on providing more beneficial resources in the future. Please send your feedback to me at lisashepardwlc@gmail.com.

Here’s a link to the bundle: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Lou-Intermediate-French-Curriculum-for-Remote-Hybrid-or-In-Class-Learners-5988136

Bonne Rentrée à Tous!

5 thoughts on “Lou! A 9-Week Curriculum for Intermediate French Students

  1. Polly Henshaw

    I am starting with LOU episode 1 so Merci beaucoup!!!!
    maybe more vocabulary ? I love how you set up the first page but maybe have more expressions to do with love and relationships – I found a quizlet for l’amour so I used that in class today. I know this is not vocabulary list based instruction but it’s just nice to have a little more for them to learn!!

    thank you again! I will definitely try to purchase the whole bundle too!

  2. Ghada Adeeb

    Bonjour Madame Musings,
    Quand j’ai lu votre email j’ai decidé d’acheter les series d’épisodes que vous avez posté, pour deux raisons: La première parce que vous êtes un prof très dédiquée pour aider les autres collègues. Vous postez généreusment votre travail en ligne et j’ai toujours suivi vos méthodes pour préparer mes unités. Aussi, cette année, et pour la première fois, je vais enseigner Frainçais niveau 3, et je pense que ces mini unités peuvent ajouter à ma préparation un sens unique que je peux modifier selon mes besoins.
    Merci mille fois


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