Bonne Rentrée

As I mentioned in my last post, this August marks the first one in 29 years that I have not welcomed 100+ students into my classroom.  As you can imagine, I am “feeling all the feels” as I read the excited/overwhelmed/anxious/enthusiastic/etc. posts of the members of my PLN who are beginning a new school year this month. Fortunately, I am getting my fix of shiny, beginning of the year school buildings as I travel around the country providing professional development to world language teachers.  

Since I don’t have any new units to share, I did want to provide a post that I thought could be helpful.  When I originally began this blog, I did so as a way of documenting my own journey to becoming a “teacher for proficiency.”  Due to the chronological nature of a blog (and my yearly attempts at improving my units), new readers have a lot of posts to read through in order to find the unit plans that might help them wrap their heads around preparing for a new school year.  In order to save valuable time spent scrolling through a myriad of posts, I’ve prepared a list of units that I’ve used over the years, organized according to level. Because I haven’t taught French 1 for 3 years, some of the resources might be quite outdated, but I’ve included them as a starting point for anyone that can use them.  In the case of themes that I have continually revised, I’ve tried to include the most recent version. I have never taught of the given units in a single year (due to changes in curriculum), but have tried to include most of my units here to help as many people as possible. 

Bonne Rentrée à Tous


French 1 Units

Bienvenue à la classe de Français:

Bienvenue: Partie II:

Ce que j’aime:  

La Famille:

Bon Appétit pt. 1: (petit déjeuner)

Bon Appétit pt. 2:

Bon Appétit pt. 3:



French 2 Units

Les Loisirs:

Ma Journée Typique:


Mon Look:

C’est quoi, une maison idéale?:

Les Tâches Ménagères:

Joyeux Noel:

Allons en Martinique:

Les Châteaux (pt. 1)

Les Châteaux (pt. 2)

Une journée à l’ecole:


French 3 Units

Bon Appétit:


Les Vacances:

Les Campeurs (Petit Nicolas)

Les Animaux de Compagnie:

Les Impressionnistes:

Le Jour de la Terre:

Le Gaspillage Alimentaire:

Joyeux Noël:

Ma Bonne Resolution (La Santé) :

La Préhistoire:

Je t’aime: (update coming soon)

Je quitte la maison (Petit Nicolas):


French 4/5 Units

Cultural Stereotypes:

La Famille dans le Monde Francophone:

Communication et Media:

Le Droit a l’Education:

Les Droits des Femmes:

La Laïcité:

Le Petit Prince:


Mixed Levels

First week of school:


26 thoughts on “Bonne Rentrée

  1. Christine Jones

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit. You have helped to make me a better teacher. I model so much of what I do now after you. You have truly been an inspiration and I remain grateful. Enjoy your retirement!

  2. Sally Barstow

    Mme Shepard, vous êtes si généreuse!! I have been working with your ‘les vacances unit… preparing it for my French 3’s and I am so excited to present it to them. You are such an encouragement and your posts have helped me become better at processing resources to make my lessons more immersive! Merci Mille fois!! This compiled list is so helpful! Enjoy this new phase of your career

  3. Kim

    Thank you for sharing all this! May I ask what Trotro videos you use for your “j’aime” unit? My kids love Trotro!

    1. madameshepard Post author

      Sure, Kim. If you click on the student packet you’ll see the name of the video and the questions I wrote. I just looked and there are questions for Trotro fait du velo, Trotro fait du roller and Trotro musicien. This unit was from before I began using Edpuzzle for assigning these videos.

  4. Christine Berg

    You are an amazing and generous teacher! I hope to be able to attend your PD workshop in NJ in March!

  5. Denise Connolly

    Merci! Your posts are so helpful. I imagine it is a bittersweet rentrée season for you. I hope to be as positive and influential an educator as you.

  6. Audra

    Madame! I wish you luck in your new adventures! I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful organization of all the units according to levels! It will certainly help everyone with browsing! I love the idea of proficiency based learning! I am continuing to decide how I want the last 10 years or so of my way of teaching to go. This is helping me on my journey!

    Thank you for everything you do!

  7. Jennifer Dafoe

    The link to the article in the IPA in the Stereotype unit is not available. Does anyone have a copy?!?

  8. Chris

    Do you know how I can access your edpuzzles? The links don’t work. They just take me to my Edpuzzle account but yours don’t show up.
    Thank you, and thank you SO much for your generosity in sharing materials and inspiration!

    1. madameshepard Post author

      I’m sorry, but I’m not sure. Since I no longer have access to my school emailIm really not sure. Have you tried searching by the title of the video?

  9. Jane Law

    Chère Madame,

    I must add my thanks to all the others out there who have benefited from your hard work and generous spirit. I have used a number of your units over the last few years and am always in awe of your organization and creativity.

    Hope that your rentrée has been more relaxing than in past years and that you’re able to get enough of a “kid fix”.

    Bien à vous,

    Jane Law

    1. madameshepard Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am truly living my best life–keeping busy providing professional development to teachers around the country and spending lots of time with my sweet grandsons! I hope your year is going well! Lisa

  10. Aubrey

    Chère Madame,
    I am so grateful that you have shared all this bounty of knowledge with us! As the sole Frenchie at my school it can be very overwhelming on my own, and your lessons have been a life-saver on more than one occasion.
    I do have a question for you, I see in your French 2 list you have 9 different units. Do you normally get through so many units in a year? I have found I can reasonably get through 6-7 if we really hustle.
    Additionally, as I move towards proficiency based classroom and IPAs, do you have any tips on speeding kids up? I find reading and writing in class take forever! Any tips are appreciated.
    Merci Madame.

    1. madameshepard Post author

      Hi, Aubrey! I’m so glad that you’ve found some things you can use here! Thank you for the question about the French 2 units. I never did all 9 of those units in one year. I tend to change things up from year to year so those are just units that I thought some people might be able to pick and choose from. I think 4-6 units per year is ideal! So, I’m not sure if you really need to “speed things up?” I don’t usually spend more than 90 minutes (2 traditional classes or one block)on an IPA. Do your students need more time? In my previous school we had an activity period that students could come in to finish work, so I could have my slower workers finish then. Do you have anything like that? Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  11. Monika Adhye


    Thank you for your ample generosity in sharing your IPAs with the community of French teachers out there, especially those who are at the very beginning of our careers. I have a question. It seems that most of the units run about 2-3 weeks. How many actual units do you manage to finish within a school year, of say 180 days? I find it hard to cover more than 7 or 8.

  12. Monika Adhye


    Thank you for your ample generosity in sharing your IPAs with the community of French teachers out there, especially those who are at the very beginning of our careers. I use so many of your ideas and authentic resources! Your blog is a treasure trove of resources and really gets me thinking about my classroom practice. I have a question. It seems that most of the units run about 2-3 weeks. How many actual units do you manage to finish within a school year, of say 180 days? I find it hard to cover more than 7 or 8.

    1. madameshepard Post author

      Hi, Monika! You ask a great question! I have been told by experts that 4-6 units are best so I tried to do fewer, but more in depth units the last couple of years. However, I also include some mini-units, on holidays for example. A third consideration is that I often shared my agendas before I actually taught the units so the units usually took longer to complete than I had anticipated. I do not think that my students learn “more” by doing a greater number of units (I just have a short attention span!) so 4-6 units are certainly plenty!

      1. Monika Adhye

        Thank you! That makes me feel so much better, because I worry that I am not covering enough. On the other hand I wonder if I “cover more”, the students do not have enough time to fully absorb the material.


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